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I’m Kolleen Powers, and I started out as a freelance website designer in 1998.  At that time website design was all hand coding and there was no such thing as a Sacramento SEO company.  It was part of the web designer’s job to add the right meta tags to your pages so your website would rank high in the search engines.  Now SEO has become a complicated and time consuming  job all in itself, but I have kept up with all of the current trends throughout the years.  The fact that my website design site ( ranks number one on page one of Google for the search term “Sacramento Web Design” says I know quite a bit about SEO – more than the large web design firms do!  I’ve taken a lot of time to study how the whole SEO game is played, and yes, it is a game of sorts.  That’s why your’re here.  you want your website to come up higher in the search engines and need someone to play the game for you.

I still work from home, but I have a trusted team of people who work with me, each has a specific area of expertise and has proven to work to my expectations, which is pretty high.  Most of the local Sacramento SEO companies you’ll find are also freelancers like me.  I don’t think it’s an advantage to pretend I have a fancy office and a huge staff.  I’d like to think it’s a good thing to know who you are dealing with.  When you hire Powersite Web Services, you work directly with me – every step of the way.  You can pick up your phone and call me any time you have a question.

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Kolleen Powers

What to look for when seeking SEO Services

  • Is the SEO company local?  Do they have a local phone number and address?
  • Do they have references you can contact?  Testimonials with local business names?
  • Check their Yelp reviews.  If they don’t have any that’s okay.  Just see if there are any bad ones.
  • Testimonials with no links and video testimonials that don’t mention the company they represent are “fishy”.
  • Are they offering SEO, SEM, Social Marketing, guest blogging, Press Releases, article marketing, reputation management, pay per click marketing, on page SEO and back-linking strategies?  If so, I’m pretty sure they are outsourcing most or all of of it.  That is, unless you actually meet their team of 20 or so highly efficient employees.
  • Are the really good at SEO or are they good at marketing?  These are two different things.  You may be looking for one  or both.
  • Are they offering website design, but don’t have a portfolio?  I wouldn’t advise buying a website from someone with no portfolio. What are they hiding?

These are all common problems with SEO advertisers, so do your homework.  SEO is one of those areas that can be costly and you need to know you are going to get the best possible return on your investment.  I get emails every day from people telling me I could be ranking higher on Google for some main keywords.  They obviously don’t even look to see what page you’re on.

How can the Sacramento SEO Services improve your website’s search engine rankings?

It starts with a Free SEO Audit

I take a look at your ranking factors and those of your top ten competitors in Google.  Then we figure out where you are lacking. It could be that you need some backlinks, on-page SEO or any combination of SEO services. I don’t try to sell you more then you need to get ranked high.  I have several very effective tools that show me exactly what you’re up against and what you need to outrank your competition.

My goal is to get your website to come up higher in Google. That can include working with website optimization and verification, content optimization, back-linking strategy, Social sites, citation sites and other secret weapons I use in my arsenal.

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The difference is clear

SEO SacramentoWhile other companies try to sell you everything under the sun to improve their bottom line at your expense, I take an honest look at what you really need. It usually comes down to a few things, poor page optimization, not enough quality content and bad or not enough good quality back links.

Google ranks websites based on the value of the information they have to offer.  Not on their sales pitch or their company history.  SEO is a completely different ballgame from what it was just a few years ago.  Consider using your website to educate your site visitors about whatever it is you excel at, and it will pay off in the rankings.  Google favors websites that continuously have fresh content, and that doesn’t mean rearranging the words every now and then.  It means writing about and sharing what you know in the form of blog posts at least once a month.  Give Sacramento SEO Expert a call and start climbing up in the SERPs – search engine results pages.

SEO Definitions

Search Engine Optimization covers everything that helps get your website to come up higher in a browser whenever someone types in a keyword phrase that you want your website to com up for.  This is everything from on page optimization, backlinks, pay per click advertising, directory sites, guest blogging, review sites and Social Media authority.

Page rank is a number from 0 to 10 that Google gives to websites based on past performance.  For a local business, a page rank of 4 is considered very good.  The way to increase page rank is through good quality backlinks from related websites.  Can you rank higher in search engines without a higher Google Page Rank?  The answer  to that is yes.  Page rank doesn’t seem to have a lot of effect on search rank, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. It’s a fact that getting good backlinks increase your search engine rankings, so it would stand to reason that this would also increase your page rank.

SERP Stands for Search Engine Results Page.  It is simply the page you see when you do a search query in Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine.  Every search engine works differently, so you will get different results in different search engines.  Google seems to be the leader of pack taking about 70 percent of all searches, followed by Microsoft Sites with about 18 percent, Yahoo! Sites with 12 percent and the rest going to smaller search engines like AOL.

Content creation is pretty self explanatory.  It’s about blogging or writing informative articles that will help position you as an expert in your niche. Whatever you do, you have a lot of valuable information to share that people would actually be interested in reading.  Share what you know and you will be regarded as a leader in your industry and by the search engines.  Fresh, informative content is one of the keys to getting your website to move up in the rankings.

Backlinks are links from other websites to your website.  In other words your website address on someone else’s website.  This pulls a lot of weight in the search engines because it’s assumed that if another website is willing to put your link on theirs, they must think you have something of value they want to share, and if they are are a quality and related website, this is like a vote for you.  The key is in getting good backlinks.  A few good backlinks is worth more than 100 bad ones.  In fact, bad backlinks can hurt your rankings.

Meta Tags are code in your web pages that tell the search engines what your pages are about.  Mainly, the Title and Description tags.  Keyword tags were once used but the main search engines don’t use them any more.  Your title and description tags are what you see in the search results pages.  The title is the first line of larger text, and the page description is the smaller text below it.  If you don’t have these tags set up in your pages, the search engines will use whatever text they find, and the results may be unpredictable.